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Industry Partners

Essential Training is a trusted industry training provider in the safety, fire attack and emergency preparedness fields, proudly collaborating with our core partners to offer combined expertise to extensively meet your fire equipment supply, testing (AS1851-2012) and site audits (AS3745 – 2010), along with development of site-specific emergency plans & evacuation diagrams to protect your business. 


Our core partners are also proudly West-Australian owned and operated businesses, with vast experience servicing a broad range of industries to meet their WHS and Fire Safety obligations.


For Training or Course Information

Emergency Plans / Evacuation Diagrams /
Site Audits in compliance with AS3745 – 2010


Emergency Response Alliance (ERA)

ERA is a software-based platform allowing for complete digital emergency management in compliance with AS3745 – 2010. ERA specialises in large portfolio management of site-specific emergency preparedness needs to meet compliance with the Australian Standards, powered with an innovative simulation-based technology.

Service offerings include provision and development of Emergency Plans / Evacuation Diagrams and Site Audits in compliance with AS3745 – 2010.

Fire Safety Equipment Installation, Testing and Repairs



Founded in 2014, Safetytech Fire Services is a 100% West Australian family owned and operated business in Western Australia. Offering a full spectrum of fire services, all in-house (no subcontractors), from wet fire, dry fire, passive fire, and engineered designs in REVIT through to equipment sales.


FPAS accredited and long-time members of FPAA (Fire Protection Association Australia) ensures ongoing support to stay up-to-date with industry regulations across current legislation, codes of practice, Australian Standards and National Construction codes. Furthermore, with CM3 accreditation SafetyTech conducts weekly safety meetings highlighting any changes to our procedures. With Advanced Electronic Scheduling capabilities allowing for streamlined integration with our smart tablets and allows technicians to update JSA’s in the field with a time, job reference and location stamp for quick reference.

 Offering client-based support that is operated 24/7, 365 days a year, including talking directly to the appointed technician as well as innovative response time tracking via a smart portal - (yes, you can actually see technicians driving to your emergency call out in real time!)

Essential Fire Services

Essential Fire Services Logo.png

Essential Fire Services protecting your assets and property 24 hours a day, for over 15 years, at over 600 sites in the Perth metro area.


Specialising in routine inspections of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment in strict accordance with AS1851-2012 to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended to.

Essential Fire Services’ reports are generated after each test for quick dispatch to our clients. Inspection & Testing Reports are designed to quickly identify and highlight issues so everybody is aware of issues compromising the safety and integrity of the fire service asset.

Essential Fire Services

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