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Nationally Accredited courses are available via delivery at our centrally located city training campus, or on-location at your work site.

Essential Training offers a range of Safety Training Courses including the full suite of First Aid Training, Warden, Chief Warden and First Attack Fire Fighting at a competitive price.
Additionally, our Chief Warden, Warden and Fire Safety Training can be tailored to site-specific short courses (Non-Award) to support your Warden Team requirements (ECO – Emergency Control Organisation / EPC – Emergency Planning Committee) to meet your AS3745 – 2010 / AS4083 - 2010 obligations 
and legislative requirements.

Keeping your team informed and capable of containing workplace emergencies  that may arise. Click the 'courses' button below to view our training options on offer.


Fire Training

First Attack Fire Training
fire warden safety training

Customised, on site, hands-on first attack training for your staff, including use of different types of extinguishers, fire blankets and hose reels. Have your team trained to use first attack equipment safely to protect lives and company assets.

Course options are Non-Award and can be tailored to suit your business and staff requirements. Training can include additional skills and knowledge relating to pre-emergency planning and taking appropriate action in an emergency.  

These courses are ideal for upskilling your Warden Team and enhancing safety practices in your workplace.


Copy of emergency-exit-4168808_1920_edit

Evacuation Drills

At Essential Training, we put safety first! Our experienced and qualified trainers will work with your staff to coordinate full scale emergency exercises including but not limited to: Fire Emergencies, Bomb Threats / Suspicious Objects, Chemical Spills and Physical Threats.

Training your team to utilise on-site Fire Indicator Panels and Occupant Warning Systems, and most importantly, to obtain the skills and knowledge to effectively deal with workplace incidents and emergencies. Click the 'contact us' button below to find out more or request a quote.



Evacuation Diagrams

Our team can provide a site safety audit to mark-up, design, develop and install  AS3745 - 2010 compliant Evacuation Diagrams.

This documentation is a vital component of keeping your workplace safe and protecting staff and visitors on your work site.

Visit our Industry Partners page, or click the 'more information' button to find out more about these services on offer.



EMERGENCY management plans

Essential Training has in-house capabilities to audit, assess the relevant risks and create the necessary documented safety procedures. Coordinate consultation with the EPC (Emergency Planning Committee) to create / update and maintain a site-specific, concise, and AS3745 - 2010 compliant Emergency Management Plan for your workplace or organisation.

Visit our Industry Partners page, or click the 'more information' button to find out more about these services on offer.



Site Audits

Book one of our industry experts to conduct a site safety audit.

We offer both FREE site evaluations as well as in-depth audits based on Australian Standards and current WHS Regulations to assist your workplace to enhance fire safety and emergency preparedness procedures.

Visit our Industry Partners page, or click the 'more information' button to find out more about these services on offer.

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