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The Essential Fire Warden Training

Our Fire Warden Training is the preparation of select competent individuals within a workplace to respond to a number of potential emergency situation (fire emergency, bomb threat, physical threat – active shooter, chemical spill, civil unrest)

What does the course cover?

This essential training provides the foundation for creating a safe workplace by helping to define the specific risks from the surrounding environment. A depth of understanding and consistent refreshers will enable the appropriate employees within their organisation the ability to respond with confidence and cohesion to reduce the risk of injury or death.


Our Fire Warden training focuses on site specific requirements, we recommend the sessions to be conducted at your workplace. Our trainers will complete a detailed pre-training audit prior to your first session to make sure our content is relevant to your staff which greatly helps with engagement and retention.


During our pre-training audits our specialized trainers will assess your workplace and provide recommendations on non-compliances based on AS3745 – 2010, AS1851 – 2012 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

Our Fire Warden Training covers a number of topics:

  • Obligations and role of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)

  • Obligations and role of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)

  • Setting up an Emergency Control Organisation within your workplace

  • The Law; Australian Standards and Regulations

  • Characteristics of Fire

  • Designated Exits, paths of egress, maps, symbols and assembly areas

  • Fire / Smoke detection and communication systems

  • Building fire control and first attack equipment

    • Fire Extinguishers

    • Fire Blankets

    • Hose Reels

    • Fire Rated Doors

  • Human behaviour – understanding and dealing with the psychological effects of an emergency situation

  • Site specific emergency procedures

  • Emergency response exercises

    • Fire scenario

    • Bomb threat scenario

    • Physical threat scenario

    • Chemical spill scenario

Does my workplace needs wardens? - Legal responsibility for Fire Warden Training

It is a legal responsibility of any workplace under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Regulations) to provide adequate training to its employees.

A workplace should have at least one Warden per floor / per tenancy / per designated area.

The training is a process that requires consistent and regular (6 monthly) refreshers to keep Fire Wardens confident of their required skills and able to respond appropriately during an emergency.

Workplaces need to follow the requirements outlined in the Occupational Safety and Health Act & the Regulations derived from the Act – specifically Regulation 3.10 (detailed here). The Australian Standards (specifically AS3745 – 2010) outline in detail how to achieve industry best practice compliance in relation to this regulation.

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